Monday, 9 January 2012

Post #1 hello and bla bla bla about this blog

Hello everyone,

After a long time gathering ideas I have decided to start a blog to share my experiences from the new music scene (you who listen to anything that includes turntables, electronic drums etc you are completely lost here.

I manage a number of metal acts and one hard rock band, if you are into metal you pretty much know these bands. If you are not, well,  then all will sound very evil and toxic here but don't you worry all of them are nice lads I can assure you :)

Some of the posts here will be directed to people who want to start  doing biz and of course to anyone who has no life outside music and wants to know how a crazy Italian, born in Germany  who grew up in Brazil got married with a Danish Woman and is now living in Portugal managing 3 English bands, 1 Irish, 2 Brazilian and one American/German band  get his way around in this crazy Global mess that has become our beloved music industry.



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